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Title Scripture Speaker Date Length
34E Unselfish Living. Past Ray McCauley Past. Ray McCauley 2015-06-18 31:36
18E I Surrender All. Peter Pollock Peter Pollock 2015-06-18 54:49
2-1E Lord Make Me Like You. Dr Redge Codringten. Dr. Redge Codringten 2015-06-18 30:24
2-2E Test - Mike Francis. Mike Francis 2015-06-18 29:35
44E Hell And How To Get There. Past. Randy Pike. Past. Randy Pike 2015-06-18 45:36
27E I Dare To Call Him Father. Test. Madame Bilqeus Shekh. Madame Bilqeus Shekh 2015-06-18 01:03:38
9E Who Are You. Past. John Hagee. Past. John Hagee 2015-06-18 41:45
46E The Betty Baxtor Story. Betty Baxtor 2015-06-18 42:48
23-2E Never Quit. Past. John Hagee Past. John Hagee 2015-06-18 15:00
23-1E Like Jesus. Rev Roger Vogue. Rev. Roger Vogue 2015-06-18 31:07
24-2E Short Message - God is Able Short Message 2015-06-18 04:27
24-1E Thy Will Be Done. Past. John Hagee. Past. John Hagee 2015-06-18 27:02
37E But God. Dr Redge Codrington Dr. Redge Codringten 2015-06-18 35:47
42E You Were Bought With A Price. Past. John Piper Past. John Piper 2015-06-18 31:15
10-2E Short Message - Missionary Comes Home Short Message 2015-06-18 04:53
10-1E What Shall The End Be. Jimmy Swaggert. Jimmy Swaggert 2015-06-18 41:10
36E The Power of the Cross. Past. Ray McAlly Past. Ray McCauley 2015-06-18 31:00
43-2E Short Message - Deck of Cards Short Message 2015-06-18 04:14
43-1E Humanity And Meekness. Apostel Andre Pelser Apostel André Pelser 2015-06-18 48:26
43-3E Short Message - Parent to Child Short Message 2015-06-18 03:46